About the project
Originally a school project, it has become a personal project where I like to create new designs when time permits. I imagined a series of Lego cans, based on the design of the Lego heads (mainly inspired by the Lego minifigures series). Each can becomes a toy or collector's item and embodies a character from the Lego universe.

The Pirates
Pirates with the buccaneer (inspired by a Lego minifigure), Redbeard and the cursed pirate (from Pirates of the Caribbean).
Monsters (WIP)
Monsters with the terrifying mummy of Ramses, Frankenstein and the evil magician.
The medieval era with the man-at-arms, the merchant (created using the Lego magician) and the Viking warrior.
The Royal Court
The royal court with the royal guard, the queen and the courtesan (using Shakespeare's Lego model).
Star Wars
(eng) Star Wars with the famous Sith lord Darth Maul and his rebel Clone bodyguards (inspired by the films Episode 1 and 2)
Evolution of the Project
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