What is Nerdforge ?
Nerdforge is a Norwegian Youtube channel that deals with model making, decoration, cosplay, painting and many other artistic things. They create in a medieval-fantasy/cyber-futuristic and video game world.
This is a typographic logotype, entirely hand-drawn, based on a medieval calligraphy design. I was also inspired by the design of the Viking runes. This gives a nice dynamic and personality to the typography (the youtube channel is based in Norway and uses a Scandinavian/fantasy universe).

To use the logotype in small size, I adapted it into an icon combining the 2 letters N & F integrated in a shield shape (to keep the medieval idea) with the runic style of the typography.
Color Identity :
The logo is set in an atmosphere of dark purple and amber. This gives it a nice mysterious effect. It also gives the idea of a magical and fantastic world. The sparks represent the "Forge", and the chromatic aberration symbolises the "Nerd".

I have also given the design a neon look. It brings a modern touch and goes well with the medieval approach of the logotype. Moreover, this effect reminds us of the constant use of lights in almost all the projects made by Nerdforge (model making, grimoires, magic wands...).
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