What is 9ème Art ?​​​​​​​
Third year exam project, we had to create a monthly box concept and realize all the visual identity (packaging, advertising, website...). So I created 9ème Art, a monthly box of high quality comics.
The logotype is constructed from a 9 shape. Inspired by onomatopoeia (the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named), which is often used in comics, the logotype has a nice diagonal dynamic based on the construction of onomatopoeia. I also added a speech bubble for an obvious reason.
Speech Bubble
Graphic element of the logotype, the speech bubble is at the heart of the graphic universe of 9ème Art. It is used as a link, as a transition or to highlight. Elegant and atypical, it has a great importance in the overall composition.
9ème art is a monthly box of high quality comics for comics fans. Inside, you can find signed volumes of comics, collectible comics, original artworks, VIP tickets to comic festivals and a presentation of the authors of the month.
Le Livret
The introductory booklet is dedicated to the authors and/or illustrators of the month. It contains an interview, a presentation, a calendar (where to find them for a signing session...), some of their works and the new comic book publication of the month.

Crédits :
Morris (Lucky Luck) : Personnage, Box, Livret, Publicité.

Didier Tarquin (Lanfeust) : Personnage, Box, Livret, Publicité.

 Philippe Francq (Largo Winch) : Personnage, Box, Livret, Publicité, Web.

Juanjo Guarnido (Black Sad) : Personnage, Publicité.

Victor Hubinon (Buck Danny) : Personnage, Publicité.

André Juillard (Blake et Mortimer) : Personnage, Publicité.

Burno Gazotti (Seuls) : Personnage, Publicité.

Philippe Buchet (Sillage) : Personnage, Publicité.

Christophe Alvès (Lefranc) : Personnage, Publicité.
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