What is Sushido ?
Sushido is an artistic series, aimed at the world of crypto-currencies, with a little sushi as the main character. This series has multiple themes (Zombie, Astronaut, Samurai...) and uses different artistic media (illustration, animation, 3D design...).

Sushido is a combination of Sushi and Bushido (the way of the warrior).
The Sushido logo is inspired by the Japanese alphabet. I used Japanese symbols that were closest to the Latin alphabet. This gives a nice Japanese touch while remaining legible as a logotype. The "S" is inspired by Ra (ら/ラ), "U" by Ri (り/リ), "H" by Sa (さ/サ), "I" by E (え/エ), "D" by Wa (わ/ワ) and "O" by Ro (ろ/ロ) > ラリラサエワロ > SUSHIDO

I wanted to have "samurai" vibes in my design but not something stereotypical. I opted for the "Tameshigiri (trial cut)" approach. The "H" and "I" are cut like a Tameshigiri.
Crédit photo : Kazunori Matsuo
Teaser design
Illustration by Elvira Lanzafame
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