What is Sushimi ?
Sushimi (previously Sushido) is an artistic series, aimed at the world of crypto-currencies, with a little sushi as the main character. It is a PFP project created for the crypto-currency Sushi. There is more than 450 differents traits and all the sushi characters are combined randomly thanks to an algorithm. They are divided in 2 types : spooky and standard.
The Sushimi logo is built on the Sushido logotype: It is inspired by the Japanese alphabet. I used Japanese symbols that were closest to the Latin alphabet. This gives a nice Japanese touch while remaining legible as a logotype. I wanted to have "samurai" vibes in my design but not something stereotypical. I opted for the "Tameshigiri (trial cut)" approach. The "H" and "I" are cutted like a Tameshigiri.
Graphical assets
I created a craft/rough/handmade graphic universe to accompany the brand. They are intended to be used in all communication tools for social media (infographics, twitter content, catalogue, website...). I also created a series of emojis to personalize our discord server (gathering place of the sushimi community).
The Sushi character
While working for the crypto-currency Sushi, I created a little sushi character. It started as a cute little character and evolved into something more mature. It was my first time working on a character design. It was difficult at first, I had no idea where to start and where to go. But I tried, experimented, failed and tried again until I found what I really wanted him to look like. This is his third evolution into something more ambitious and detailed.
01 - Old designs
02 - Development of the character
From there, I reworked his anatomy and placed him in many different worlds: samurai, zombie, monster, Native American, ork, mythology, insect, manga, medieval Japan, terminator...... I moved the eyes up to fit more naturally, lengthened the arms and legs and thought of a skeleton base.

The facial expression, outfit, headdress and hat are all drawn separately, then they are all randomly combined to create a random sushi character.
03 - First rough attempt
04 - Design refined
👺 Standard Sushimis
Standards trait (241)
☠️ Spooky Sushimis
Spooky's trait (221)
  👹 Unique Sushimis
I have created illustrations that contextualise the little character Sushimi in different situations/universes or crypto-themes. All these illustrations are intended to be used as communication tools on social media (see social media below). Some are old illustrations I did for Sushi some time ago, reworked for the occasion.Some are old illustrations I did for Sushi some time ago, reworked for the occasion.
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